Save 50%-70% on Restaurant Exhaust Hoods

Exhaust Hood Depot offers restaurant exhaust hoods, complete commercial kitchen ventilation systems and exhaust fans. Our products are manufactured by CaptiveAire, the premier brand in the industry, and backed by a 24-month warranty. Our restaurant exhaust hood systems come complete with exhaust fan, makeup air fan, roof curbs, and electrical system. Our product selection includes restaurant hoods and exhaust fans. We provide exhaust hood solutions to various industries including health care, military, government, franchise restaurants, food truck and concession owners, and independent restaurant owners. We offer unbeatable pricing and quality service, and all our products are 100% made in America.


Restaurant Exhaust Hood Packages

Add an, Electrical System - UL-Listed Duct work – Wall Paneling and hood trim to any package:

Our Freight is the lowest freight charge in the industry. Manufactured in CA. OK. IA. PA. NC. FL. All Exhaust Hood Packages come with Exhaust Hood w/pre wired lights –Stainless Steel Filters - Flat roof curbs or wall bracket – Exhaust fan – Economy MUA fan.

100% Warranty for a full 24 Months

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